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Introduction of Safa Tir Asia Company

Respectfully, hereby informs that Safa Tirasia International Transport Company is proud to have a complete network of its agencies based on international standards and in order to develop global trade, by using modern technologies and according to global standards. the provider of international goods transportation service with minimal cost in export and import affairs in the logistics service sectors including air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, internal and external transit, clearance of goods and performing customs duties, switch of embargoed cargo (for import sanctioned shipments to Iran) in the shortest time and the highest quality from Iran to all parts of the world and vice versa.

Safa Tirasia Company is obliged to become a member of the global transport and logistics network JC Trans in order to provide the best possible services and obtain the current prices of the global international transportation market, as well as to increase the trust of its customers. International Federation of Freight Forwarders Unions FIATA and Road Transport Union IRU announces

Our services

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Air transportation

The air services of Safa Tiraz Company are provided through the active agencies of this company in Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, with various airlines to Iran and vice versa. It should be noted that most of the agencies of this company have direct offices in important airports of the countries of origin.

Ground transportation

Safa Tir company, having several trucks with drivers under its cover in Iran for the purpose of exporting goods, as well as its reliable representatives in Europe and Turkey and strategic cities of the Middle East countries regarding the transportation of ground cargo and helping customers reach the appropriate The best services and the most competitive rates available in the international transportation market play a significant role in ground transportation in the form of trucks and groupages and project transportation at the earliest and shortest opportunity. Zaman will operate from Iran to all European countries and Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Central Asian countries and Europe and vice versa.

Sea transportation

Safa Tir company, through its reliable and active agencies in Iran and all over the world, is a party to the contract with all liner shipping and authorized with regular services of closed containers, small general cargo, minerals and metals (bulk). and packaging), container transportation as well as other shipping services including ship rental from Iran to all European, Far Eastern, Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf ports to other ports in the world and vice versa.

Internal and external transit

Iran has very important strengths due to being in a very convenient position in terms of economic geography and the centrality of the north and south corridor. While taking advantage of this exceptional position and having branches and representative offices in the relevant entry and exit points, Safa Tirasia Company is able to carry out any transit operations in the transportation of traffic and heavy cargoes by means of a back breaker, floor, and is also a specialist in the transportation of food and cargoes. It is perishable by refrigerated trailers.

Switch of embargoed cargoes (to import embargoed cargoes to Iran)

This company, having a close relationship with its business partners in Dubai and Bulgaria, has the possibility of transporting embargoed cargoes from all parts of the world with all methods of transportation.

Work line :

  • Tanker transportation of fuel products
  • Carrying tent loads
  • Carrying container cargo

Some of our customers : It is worth mentioning that this company is proud to work with

  • Automotive companies (Sapco, Malibel Saipa, Fara Sanat Shamal, Iran Khodro's axis makers, etc.)
  • Companies active in the field of electricity and switchboards (Iran Tablo, Iran Transfo, Neko Niro, Palash Niro, Development of Parsian High Voltage Substations, Iran Pump, etc.)
  • Medical Equipment (Middle East Medical Equipment, Tehran Atkal Company, Dostcom, Dahi Tab Company, Aran Tab, Navid Teb Apadana, Azad Tejarat Pars, Hasanpour Dental Equipment, Asa Onik, Gostar Taveriz Tab, Almas Nama Isfahan, Kimia Sharif Sharq and... )
  • It has oil, gas and petrochemical companies (including Pardis Petrochemical, Jam Petrochemical).


  • FIATA Association
  • TTA International Transport Company Association of Iran
  • JC Trans TTA global transport and logistics network
  • IRU Road Transport Union
  • Chamber of Commerce of Iran's Agricultural Industries and Mines
  • Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Armenia
  • Russian Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce
  • Turkish Chamber of Commerce

Foreign and domestic transfers

  • Iran - Armenia
  • Iran - Turkey
  • Iran - Georgia
  • Iran - Russia
  • Iran - Iraq
  • Iran - Afghanistan
  • Iran - Europe
  • Canada Freight
  • All domestic routes

Types of services of Safatir Asia International Transport Company

  • Air transportation
  • Maritime Transportation
  • railroad transportation
  • Ground transportation
  • Customs services
  • Internal transit services
  • Outbound transit services
  • Professional consulting services
  • Free zone services
  • Exhibition services
  • Warehousing services
  • Freight services

Introduction to Safa Tir Asia work team


"The managers of this international transport company always try to follow the principles they inherited from their predecessors and put innovation and creativity at the forefront of their affairs in order to use the facilities of different departments and their combination. and win the title of the best international transport company in Iran, Europe and other parts of the world".



This holding, in the form of a team consisting of the best actors in the field of international transportation and by providing regular rail, truck, sea and air services, has been able to win the trust of dear customers and owes its reputation to the hard work of its employees and the experience of the managers of this holding. And also your trust dear ones knows. Keeping this trust, we have always tried to provide valuable and different services in the field of international freight